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Trucks & Trailers gives you an authentic experience of truck driving
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Trucks & Trailers is an addictive simulation game where your goal is to deliver the cargo to its assigned location, while keeping your trailer in a good condition. You can choose from 7 types of trucks to help you get through the 50 levels filled with exciting routes and challenges.

The game's user-friendly interface can be easily customized by changing its screen resolution, brightness, shadows quality, etc. You can also add traffic and pedestrians to your route to make things more interesting.

During your first assignments, you will learn how to park and how to attach and detach your trailer, while receiving plenty of useful hints to help you complete these tasks. You will be able to transport all kinds of shipments, like cars, fuel, industrial materials, etc. If you deliver the cargo on time and in a good shape, you will receive your full payment. Your progress will be automatically saved after you finish each level and get the opportunity to upgrade the truck according to your needs.

This game will surely impress you with its amazing graphics and realistic rendering. Therefore, it's worth trying Trucks & Trailers, a captivating simulation game that will give you an authentic experience of truck driving.

Ashley Griggs
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